Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Northsideregeneration forum taken over by spam

Spam posts have taken over McEagle's northsideregeneration forum site.

Efforts to open a community dialogue at McEagle's Northside Regeneration website forum page have failed to develop. This week, the only activity on the forum has been spam posts about things like how to catch a cheating spouse or how to increase the income of your own personal business.

Since the site went live on July 7th, there have been no responses from McEagle officials to any questions or comments raised by the community.

In the meantime, community residents continue their push for a local set of redevelopment goals. Representatives of the Community Benefits Alliance appeared on KWMU's St. Louis On The Air program with Don Marsh yesterday.


  1. How do you know that stuff is spam?

  2. It's unfortunate that people who simply want to rule or ruin can't see the forest for the trees. This is one of the best plans I've seen to hit St. Louis. I live on the north side and the truth is sobering. Paul McKee. Make like Nike and just do it! It's your season!