Monday, May 25, 2009

Maintenance of Blairmont sites

One of the greatest concerns to date regarding McEagle's efforts in North City has been the care and maintenance of its holdings. Through various entities, McEagle has acquired hundreds of parcels both inside and outside of the proposed NorthSide project area.

Parcels include vacant lots and improved sites. Improved sites often include buildings in deteriorated condition. Vacant buildings have been subject to vandalism, brick theft, and possibly arson.

While these sites are vacant and many targeted for reuse, they are also within the context of existing neighborhoods and near the homes of neighborhood residents. Locals are rightfully concerned with how these properties will be maintained until they are set for redevelopment.

Preservation of historic buildings is high on the list of current area residents and others concerned about the planned NorthSide development. How would you rate the issue of overall site maintenance and preservation of historic buildings, and what recommendations would you suggest to the developers of NorthSide?

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  1. I have lived in Old North St Louis my entire Life and I think this is great for someone to try and improve the area. My only regret is that onsl is being left out. This is horrible old north has always been one of the better neighborhoods on the north side and because the old north board members do not have control or input in the development they are against this great plan and onsl will become the bad part of town. They should be welcoming McKee with the key to the North side whether he succeeds are not he is going to try and improve the way of life in the area. I understand the mistrust, but he did what he had to do to get property at a low cost, at least he has a plan what about LRA what is there plan there properties are never taken care and some one should be held accountable for these as well.