Sunday, May 24, 2009

PD editorial board suggests keys to NorthSide success

Public investment, private investment, and accountability. Paper calls for regional and state support.


  1. Rick, my big question (perhaps a future question for this blog?) is what is meant by accountability. What the Post-Dispatch suggests does not seem like accountability at all to me. Once you have cleared the land and started building, what power does the city (or anyone else) have to fix problems? The Post-Dispatch suggests we should have "regular reporting during the project;" but merely reporting any potential problems won't accomplish anything on its own, especially if the city is too invested in the project to opt out. So I'd really be interested to see some concrete suggestions of how this project could be done in a way where McKee really is accountable to the people, and where the city and residents have some kind of leverage to make changes even after the project has gotten started.

  2. Thanks Laurie for your comment. You are right on with your observation. The next post we will make here will address "Public Involvement".

    Questions and discussion about accountability and oversight will be part of the post.