Monday, June 29, 2009

McEagle releases NorthSide YouTube video, launches project website

McEagle has released a new YouTube video about the NorthSide project. In the 7 minute, 41 second video, Paul McKee describes his intentions for the Clemens House, his anticipated construction start date, and the need for community, financial, and political support.

YouTube NorthSide video, chapter one

McEagle has also launched a project website:

The website is still under construction. Check back periodically as the site becomes fully operational.


  1. Under the "Contact Us" page of the website, it directs people to contact the aldermen for the schedule of community meetings about the project.

    That seems strange. Are the aldermen working for McEagle?

  2. In St. Louis, it is common for aldermen to host neighborhood meetings. In some neighborhoods, community organizations also sponsor neighborhood meetings.

    In the NorthSide project area, I am not aware of an active community organization that represents the overall area, so it makes sense that the aldermen would organize community meetings.

    I don't know if there is any other role for the aldermen other than providing public support for the project.

    When it comes time to introduce legislation about the project, those bills are usually introduced by the aldermen representing the wards.

  3. The comments section on the Youtube video has been disabled. Yesterday, there were a lot of comments and responses from McEagle's people.