Monday, June 1, 2009

What a friend said

One of the nice things about the "big small town" feel of St. Louis is that it seems no matter where you go, you're always bumping into someone you know. It's a tight knit community.

So it was last night as I was putting away the music gear from our regular Sunday night ensemble work at a local church. There was a friend from across town sitting with another friend in the middle row of pews.

She's from another parish, so it was surprising to see her there. She wondered what was going on; she arrived at the end of Mass and the place was almost empty. I asked her why she was there, "to see the windows" is what she said. And so we had a few minutes to catch up on things.

She asked me about McKee. It's a topic of conversation, even in far South City. She comes down on the side of historic preservation, so she's concerned about what to expect given the way properties acquired by McEagle for the past few years have been poorly maintained.

It's funny how in this big small town, if you're around long enough, it seems like you get to meeting almost everybody, and knowing just about every building in town. At least it seems that way. Maybe that's just a sign we're all getting older?

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