Friday, June 26, 2009

NorthSide's first course

Not much has been heard from NorthSide's promoters in the past few weeks. We have never received a return call from the community engagement office. The developers are most likely working to get some of their first initiatives off the ground.

If you were advising McEagle, what key first steps would you recommend? What specific tasks would give you added comfort with the project? How does McEagle start broadening community support for their vision?


  1. The key first step is a public meeting with an open question and answer session. People would respect that setting, where frustrations and concerns could be shared in plain view of all.

    Another good step would be getting as much information as possible online -- at least the broad vision for the project. People need something to go on.

  2. He should rehab the Clemens House on his own and work with Old North to rehab the Mullanphy Building.