Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Other mega project comparisons

San Francisco's Mission Bay:

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency info

Marketing info

Mission Bay Wikipedia site

San Francisco's Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard:

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency info

Marketing info

Bayview - Hunter's Point Wikipedia entry

Denver's Stapleton:

Discover Stapleton

Marketing info

Analysis of the built environment

What are the lessons learned from these projects which might aid the NorthSide effort?


  1. The city took a lead role.

    They have better websites.

    Public education was a good choice.

    The Gap or other nationally known retailers opened.

  2. San Francisco does an excellent job of planning when compared to the hasty, shove it down your throat approach of St. Louis.
    A quote from San Fran redevelopment info. "The CAC guidelines represent a strong community consensus and has set the tone for the renewal of the project area. These guidelines were integrated into the Redevelopment Plan." The CAC is the Citizens Advisory Committee.

    Surprise! The community was included, so yes they are behind the plan. Exactly the opposite of St. Louis, oh and by the way San Francisco is a world class city, meanwhile St. Louis has fallen so far in status the airlines don't even want to be here any more.